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Zadar is in the heart of Dalmatia and is one of the most visited Croatian holiday destinations.


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The over 3.000 year old town is a perfect mix of now and then. Antic ruins, historic villas and churches, attractive courtyards with restaurants, cafes and nightlife spots all make Zadar an interesting and lively place to visit. The vivacious old town centre is a walk through historic eras. Remains of Roman buildings, medieval city walls and gates, but also modern landmarks, like the sun’s square and sea front walk add a cultural highlight to any Croatian holiday.
The absolute must-go-and-see is the town’s new landmark, the sea organ. Just like any organ works by blowing wind through different sized pipes, this organ worked by the flow of sea water in and out of different sized pipes. Depending on the weather, the beautiful sounds can be heard up to 3 km away.
The large choice on tourist attractions and historic sights make Zadar to a favourite starting location for sailing trips.

Sailing Estuary

The area around Zadar, with its vast amount of islands, is heaven for any sailor. From Zadar it is easy to reach the numerous secluded bays and beaches on the islands Dugi Otok, Pasman and Uglijan and the smaller ones Ist, Iz, Kornat, Molat, Olib, Vir and Zut. The national parks Krka und Kornati and Telascica are also very near.


Our fleet is moored in the Marina of Zadar, in the centre of the old town.
The marina has all usual amenities like electricity, water, sanitary facilities, shops, cafes and a workshop.


"Konzum" is about 400 meters from the marina. Opening hours: daily 08:00 - 21:00


There is surveilled covered and uncovered parking for charter guests within the marina. Fees apply.


Zadar has its own international airport, with its own exit on the motorway.


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