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Marina Lavrion
An absolute paradise for sailors with the ideal breeze, deep blue waters and endless sunshine.

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Sailing Estuary

The Olympic Marina in Lavrion, part of the greater area of Athens, is the perfect starting point to venture off and explore the Saronic gulf. Visit the nearby islands of Ägina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses. Further down South is the Peloponnese with unique archaeological sites from the antiquity and its abundant pristine bays and ports.
Or sail East and enjoy the Greek summer in the Cyclades.


The very modern Olympic Marina in Lavrion, awarded with the blue flag, has the usual amenities and is surveilled 24hours by a private security company.


There is 24 h surveilled parking within the marina.


If you arrive by plane, we recommend our reliable external taxi service which will take you directly to the marina. If you would like to use this service, please let us know at least one week before charter.


Our charter partner’s base Lavrion is approx. 30 kilometres away from Athens airport and is easily reachable.


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We would like to inform you, that according to Greek law, it is not possible to have charter contracts signed by port authorities before hand. Greek law demands the client’s original signature on the contracts and crew lists, in situ. It is only after, that we can submit the vessel’s papers to the port captain. We ask for your understanding, as it may come to delays while waiting at port authorities.

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