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Dufour 430

The ever-popular Dufour 430 with a battened mainsail. The Dufour 430 is characterised by timeless elegance, space optimisation and refined functionality. She offers a mature concept with the best sailing characteristics.

See yacht page: "Polaris".

The cockpit and the entire layout on deck is clearly geared to the demands of cruising sailors, but also offers sporty sailors an attractive platform. Halyards and trim lines are fed under the cabin roof to the winches at the side of the companionway. The main sail traveller is mounted on the cabin roof, while the main sail itself is led along the structure to the winches at the two steering positions, without creating tripping hazards on the running decks, foredeck and side decks remain free of trim lines and halyards.

The cabins and bathrooms are spacious and equipped with high quality materials. The semi-enclosed stern section with side access to the bathing platform has become an unrivalled standard for the cruising programme of Dufour Yachts. The bathing platform is very large with a width of 2.50 meters and a depth of almost one meter and invites you to sunbathe.

All in all, a modern and comfortable yacht for a successful vacation where pleasure at sailing is not neglected.

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