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The ORCA membership with the OeSV has many advantages:

  • You will be sailing with the ORCA and OeSV flag, and therefore will be showing patriotism.
  • Monthly yachting revue.
  • You may use the help lines of the OeSV in Croatia and Turkey.
  • Privileges when paying for certificates of proficiency.
  • Competent insurance partners with reductions for memberships.  
  • Participation at regattas (only members can participate).
  • Participation at the OeSV training seminars.

The membership at the Offshore Racing Club Austria is € 50,- per year. We do not have a complex admission system and no admission fees. As soon as you fill in the admission form and pay the membership fee, you already are a member and can enjoy all the benefits.

If you wish to leave the club, just send a letter, mail or fax before the end of November. That automatically stops all membership fees for the next year, and of course also all privileges, like taking part in regattas (as instructs ISAF).

10 strong reasons for becoming a member 

Be represented

The union represents the interests of its members in front of international organisations.

Know whats happening

Get the monthly „Yachtrevue“ in print or online versions.


Entry into the yacht register plus receive the yacht certificate = proof of property and the right to take part in regattas.  

Well insured

Privileges for specialised insurances for boat owners, wind- and kite surfers.

Well equipped

Promotions for high quality sailing clothing.

Always welcome

Privileges at various charter centres and marinas.  

Help when off-shore

Free of charge Sea Help hotline in Croatia and Turkey.

Austrian Boat Show

Reduced entry tickets for the Austrian boat show in Tulln.

Keep going forward

Reduced prices for trainings at the OeSV sailing academy.

Stay in control

An exclusive session with an accountant from Audit Partner Austria.

OeSV service office

Turn to them with any question you might have.

 ORCA information and registration

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