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Yacht charter Turkey

There is no sailing area in the world that has experienced such a boom in recent years as the Turkish Riviera. With its bays, islands and ancient ruins, the varied coastline is a paradise for sailing in Turkey. Our bases in Göcek are ideal starting ports for a wide variety of sailing trips in the Aegean Sea. Sailing enthusiasts can sail from there to the Greek islands. Due to the Mediterranean climate, a sailing trip will be an unforgettable holiday, especially between April and the end of October.

Discover the Aegean with a yacht charter from Turkey

Among sailors, Turkey is a popular destination for a yacht charter. The diverse Turkish coastline with its countless bays, islands and ancient ruins is a paradise for sailors. It was the scene of historical places and events, such as the biblical Ephesus, and has monuments from the time of the Roman and Turkish empires. In general, Turkey's sailing estuary is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. There you will find beautiful sandy beaches, lonely bays, striking rocks or green landscapes depending on the area. The hospitality and warmth of the locals also leave a lasting impression on many sailors. During an extended sailing trip from Turkey, you can travel the Lycian coast but also the Greek islands. From our two bases in Göcek, sailors can ideally explore the Gulf of Fethiye. The coastline in the Gulf of Fethiye is varied and offers green overgrown mainland shores. There are also many moorings for families with children with sandy and gently sloping beaches. The Tumb Bay (Bedri Rahmi Koyu), Kapi Bay (Göbün Koyu) and Wall Bay (Manastir Koyu) should be included in your itinerary for a charter in Turkey.

Yacht charter Turkey: best sailing conditions

Sailing in Turkey is possible from April to October, the hottest days are in July and August. The Meltemi usually brings cooling relief and breezes that fill the sails. Pleasant sailing conditions also prevail in spring or autumn. Due to the Mediterranean climate and the many hours of sunshine in summer, the sea water is still suitable for swimming in October.

As a change from staying on a sailing yacht, Turkish bazaars or ancient sites can be visited on land.

Sailing in Turkey with yacht charter from Pitter Yachting

From Göcek we offer high quality sailing yachts and catamarans for sailing in Turkey.

Book your sailing trip in Turkey today and experience an unforgettable yacht charter holiday on the Aegean Sea.

Göcek Village Port
Pitter Charter-Partner Base: Long-time proven Pitter Charter-Partner with high charter standards and services. Member of Nautic Alliance: Best all-round service with consistent high-level quality.


Village Port

Pitter Charter-Partner Base

Göcek has developed during the last years from a fishing village to a lively town and is the starting point for many sailors. For a yacht charter in Turkey, Göcek our long-time proven Pitter Charter partner Gena Yacht Charter offers an upscale standard and services on a high-quality level.

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Göcek Mucev Marina
Pitter Charter-Partner Base: Long-time proven Pitter Charter-Partner with high charter standards and services. Member of Nautic Alliance: Best all-round service with consistent high-level quality.


Mucev Marina

Pitter Charter-Partner Base

Göcek is surrounded by countless bays and its location makes it an ideal starting point for a sailing trip along the Turkish Aegean coast. For a sailing trip from Göcek, Mucev Marina offers upscale charter standards and services. Sailors experience the best all-round service at a uniformly high level of quality.

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Route 1 (one week)

Base: Göcek

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Route 1 (1 week)

Day Destination From To
1 Saturday Göcek

Boynuz Büku
Boynuz Bucht
Boynuz Bay

2 Sunday Boynuz Büku
Boynuz Bucht
Boynuz Bay

Manastir Koyu
Wall Bay

3 Monday Manastir Koyu
Wall Bay

Soguksu Koyu
Kaltwasser Bay
Cold Water Bay

Badestopp/stop for swimming: Kelebekler Vadisi/Schmetterlings Bucht/Butterfly Bay (2 sm vor Ziel, 2 sm ahead of Cold Water Bay)

4 Tuesday Soguksu Koyu
Kaltwasser Bay
Cold Water Bay

Göbün Koyu
Kapi Bucht
Kapi Creek

5 Wednesday Göbün Koyu
Kapi Bucht
Kapi Creek

Fethiye Yacht Classic
(Abendessen am Fischmarkt, dinner at the fish market)

6 Thursday Fethiye Yacht Classic

Kücük Sarsala
Klein Sarsala
Little Sarsala Bay

7 Friday Kücük Sarsala
Klein Sarsala
Little Sarsala Bay
Turkey German Englisch
Boynuz Bükü Boynuz Bucht Boynuz Bay
Göbün Koyu Kapi Bucht Kapi Creek
Dis Göbün Äußere Göbün Bucht Göbün Bay
Manastir Koyu Wall Bay Wall Bay
Hamam Koyu Kleopatra Bucht Cleopatra Bay
Tersane adasi Tersane Insel Tersane Island
Tasyaka Koyu (Bedri Rahmi Koyu) Quellen Bucht Tumb Bay
Küçük Sarsala Koyu Klein Sarsala Bucht Little Sarsala Bay
Büyük Sarsala Koyu Große Sarsala Bucht Big Sarsala Bay
Siralibük Limanı Deep Bay
Yassi Adalar Yassi Inseln Yassi Islands
Kuyruk Bükü Drachen Bucht Dragon Bay
Karacaören Adası Karacaören Bucht
Gemiler Adasi Gemiler Reede Gemiler Island
Soguksu Koyu Kaltwasser Bucht Cold Water Bay
Kelebekler Vadisi Schmetterlings Bucht Butterfly Valley
Asi Koyu Asi Bucht Asi Bay
Ekincık Koyu Ekincik Bucht Ekincik Bay

Qualification requirements

In Turkey, you need one of the following licences to operate a yacht:

  • Croatian Coastal licence
  • B licence
  • International valid offshore patent
  • or a patent for near-coastal navigation

If you do not have a sailing licence or do not have enough experience, you can also book a skipper for the desired yacht.


The Pitter base as well as the Pitter charter partner base in Göcek are accessible via Dalaman airport. The transfer time from the airport to the respective base is approx. 30 minutes. From May to October there are direct flights to Dalaman airport from most international airports. There are also good and fast flights to Dalaman via Istanbul.

  • If you are still looking for a suitable flight, you can get your individual offer from our partner Yacht-Pool Flight Service:
  • We will gladly organise a transfer from the airport to your departure base for you, please let us know at least one week before the start of the charter.


We recommend that you use mySea. With the free digital travel guide, you can explore the best sailing estuaries and bays as well as idyllic harbours and good restaurants online and plan your sailing holiday conveniently and easily online. With mySea you can find detailed information on bays, marinas, harbours, restaurant jetties, petrol stations and much more.


The best time for a sailing trip in Göcek is from May to October. During these months, temperatures are pleasant and warm and there is little to no rainfall. The month of July has the highest average temperature with up to 31°C. The water temperature is between 17°C and 30°C.


Turkey's currency is the Turkish lira.

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