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Yacht charter Netherlands

The IJsselmeer and the Frisian seas, all popular waters for sailing, can be easily reached from our yacht charter base at Marina Lelystad in the Netherlands. A typical flat landscape with lots of greenery, long dune beaches and nice little fishing villages in Dutch style await you. Windmills dominate the landscape and during a sailing trip in spring you can view the typical Dutch tulip fields from the water. The capital Amsterdam is also worth a visit and is easily accessible with a yacht charter in Holland.

Leisurely sailing in the Netherlands

On the Marker Sea and the IJsselmeer you can still feel the rough Zuiderzee, as it used to be called. There are almost always very good wind conditions for sailing in the Netherlands. From Lelystad, the crossing to North Holland on the North Sea can be done in one day.

Rent a sailboat in Holland and experience the vastness of the IJsselmeer

If you rent a sailing boat in the Netherlands, you can explore the Markermeer, the IJsselmeer and, via the North Holland Route, the Frisian islands of Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling. The IJsselmeer as well as the Markermeer is a body of water closed off by dikes and thus protected. Here, even less experienced sailors or families can start a sailing trip in the North Sea.

The towns bordering the inland waterway are accessible via a well-developed waterway network. Medemblik in North Netherlands invites you to take a stroll through the medieval town centre. Nature lovers can visit the Nieuw Land National Park right next to our yacht charter in the Netherlands. It borders on the Marker Sea.

The Marker Sea is surrounded by towns and villages. On land, sailors will find pubs, restaurants, cafés, and modern and historic town centres. The variety of options from shopping to sightseeing fulfils every holiday wish. The highlight is of course the metropolis, Amsterdam, which can be reached from our base in Lelystad in just a few nautical miles through the Mark Sea. From the Amsterdam Marina or the Sixt Harbour, it is only a stone's throw by ferry to the centre of the capital.

Sailing the Frisian Seas in the Netherlands

The IJsselmeer reaches as far north as the province of Friesland. So, with a yacht charter from Lelystad in the Netherlands, you can visit four towns of the "Frisian Eleven": Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum and Harlingen. The eleven towns in Friesland are the places that already had city rights in the Middle Ages, all old colonial towns that you can include in your yacht charter.

During a sailing trip from our yacht charter base in the Netherlands, you can visit numerous historic harbour towns and charming fishing villages.

In the Netherlands, the boat is an indispensable part of everyday life. Sailors can look forward to cosy harbours and perfect sailing conditions.

Yacht charter in Netherlands with Pitter Yachting

Our Pitter charter partner in the Netherlands offers everything a sailor's heart desires thanks to its central location at Marina Lelystad. Here, sailors can expect upscale charter standards and services in a prime location. As the starting point on the dividing line between the Marker and IJsselmeer, a yacht charter in the Netherlands is the perfect starting point for varied sailing trips in all directions.

Marina Lelystad has all the usual facilities such as Wi-Fi, electricity, water, and sanitary facilities. A bicycle rental service makes exploring the nature around the sailing area also possible by bike. Awarded the Blue Flag for sustainable tourism and environmental awareness, yacht charter Lelystad in the Netherlands is the perfect starting point for your next sailing trip.

Rent your sailboat in the Netherlands today and experience an unforgettable yacht charter holiday.

Lelystad Marina Lelystad
Pitter Charter-Partner Base: Long-time proven Pitter Charter-Partner with high charter standards and services. Member of Nautic Alliance: Best all-round service with consistent high-level quality.


Marina Lelystad

Pitter Charter-Partner Base

Lelystad offers all the prerequisites for a successful holiday: sailing, nature, culture and best shopping opportunities. A sailing trip from Lelystad offers high charter standard s and services. The Pitter charter partner in Lelystad stands for the best all-round service at a consistently high level of quality.

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North Holland Route

Route 1

Base: Lelystad

View in PDF

Map Route 1

From To
1 Marina Lelystad Haven Amsterdam
2 Amsterdam IJmuiden
3 IJmuiden Texel
4 Texel Marina Lelystad Haven

Location description

From marina Lelystad Haven it goes in south-west direction to Amsterdam. Here we moor either in Six Haven or in Marina Amsterdam and spend 1 to 2 days in Amsterdam down to your‘ s whim.


Then we lock through Oranje Sluis and the North Sea Canal to IJmuiden. Here we spend the night in the Marina IJmuiden or lock the same or the next day with the accumulating water on to the North Sea island of Texel (50sm, approx. 5 h +, with accumulating water up to 3 knots faster!)


We spend the night in the Qudeschild marina in Texel. It is recommended to rent a bike and explore the island with its nice little places. The long sandy beach on the North Sea coast of the island is especially beautiful! Here in the marina Qudeschild you can spend a second night due to manifold amenities in the area. A special tip for nature lovers or families with children is a visit to the seals sanctuary in the Ecomare Nature Museum on Californiaweg near the North Sea coast halfway along the island.

With accumulating water we reach the lock Kornerderzand. Here we lock back into the IJsselmeer with the destination Hindeloopen or Stavoren.

From here you can set your course towards Enkhuizen the next day. Enkhuizen is an attractive and diverse shopping city. The cozy city center offers various small and large shops as well as a number of creative markets. With old-fashioned shops and modern boutiques as well as numerous cafes, shopping here makes fun.

Then we sail through the Markermeer back to Lelystad, past the artificially created group of islands of the Marker Wadden, a beautiful nature reserve.


The capital of the province of Flevoland is named after the builder of the final dike, Cornelis Lely. The place was built on a polder about 5 m below sea level. Lelystad is considered a green garden city with modern architecture. We recommend a visit to the nearby Batavia shipyard where historical wooden ships are reproduced. At the port of Lelystad, the almost 30 km long bank towards Enkhuizen begins behind the lock. When everything was still a North Sea bay in the past, the heavily loaded ships sailed from here with their treasures from Asia and brought wealth to the cities.


Welcome to the canal city. Water has always shaped life in Amsterdam. Since its foundation around 700 years ago, people have come from all over the world to settle here. Over time, the city became a melting pot of cultures. The Amsterdam canal belt with its countless colorful houseboats is part of the Unesco World Heritage Amsterdam, Holland's secret capital, Venice of the north, red light district and bicycle metropolis, a city where you have to stay once in your life.


IJmuiden is a major seaport in the Netherlands. The city owes its foundation and its name (mouth) to the construction of the North Sea Canal, which connects the city and the port of Amsterdam directly with the North Sea. Coming from Amsterdam at the end of the North Sea Canal, IJmuiden is an important junction in shipping and is often referred to as the offshore terminal of Amsterdam. IJmuiden is also Holland's largest fishing port. Early in the morning, fish auctions in the action halls offer the opportunity to experience Holland off the beaten track. Getting up early is rewarded with the view of the beautiful lighthouse in the morning light. Other sights of IJmuiden are the four locks, of which the Noordersluis, with a length of 400 m, is the largest in Europe.


Texel is the largest of the five Frisian islands in the Wadden Sea. It is 15 km long and 9 km wide. The flat island scores with its seemingly endless sandy beaches on the west coast. The lovely small towns and nature reserves as well as the seals sanctuary can be explored by bike. Typical for the island are the thatched, listed “Gulf houses” that serve as sheep stables.


Hindeloopen was once one of the wealthiest port cities in Friesland and has a long maritime tradition. With its old cobblestone streets, it is considered one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe. Life runs a bit slower here and you feel like you are in a picturesque village from a fairy tale book.


Stavoren is the oldest city in Friesland. The Hanseatic city is one of the largest leisure harbors. The name Stavoren is closely related to the type of ship “Staverse Jol”, which was once used for fishing by the Anchovies. Today, this form of ship, with an onion-shaped bow, long keel with little draft, is still used on robust steel cruisers.


In Enkhuizen at the harbor, old merchant and warehouse buildings provide a picturesque backdrop. Enkhuizen was in the 17th century, in the "Golden Century", the richest and most powerful city on the Zuiderzee and is the most beautifully preserved old town on the IJsselmeer. The Zuiderzee Museum in the old packing house is interesting. It provides  an almost complete insight into the history of the Zuiderzee, the fight against the water, shipping, shipbuilding, fishing, art and commerce.

Qualification requirements

For a yacht charter in the Netherlands, you need one of the licences listed below as well as a radio licence.

  • Sport boat licence sea
  • SKS (Sport Coastal Ship Licence)
  • Internationally valid offshore patent
  • or a patent for near-coastal navigation
  • as well as a radio licence

If you do not have a sailing licence or do not have enough experience, you can also book a skipper for the desired yacht.

Important Information

  • No dinghy is required in this area and is therefore not on board.
  • Dinghy and outboard can be booked separately upon request and are to be paid on site.
  • The deposit can only be paid in cash or by advance bank transfer.


Lelystad has an oceanic climate. To experience mild or pleasant temperatures in Lelystad, you should plan your yacht charter between May and September. The water temperature during these months is between 12°C and 20°C. In July, the highest average temperature is around 21°C.

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