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New charter base
Punat on the island of Krk

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New charter base

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New Pitter base
in Volos (Greece)

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New charter base

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We are looking forward to start the new season 2019 with you. True to the motto: „Cast off into your holiday“ and chose your yacht, catamaran or motorboat from our large portfolio. With 525 well-equipped yachts on 26 charter bases in six countries and our extensive worldwide charter programme we open the new season. In Croatia we have 15 bases, 6 of which are our own. Here we have our new charter base Punat on the island of Krk, and our established Pitter base Veruda/Pula, great starting points for cruises in the northern Adriatic.

In Greece you can use our new Pitter base in Volos and explore the wonderful sailing estuary of the das northern Sporades. Following the trend, you can find our growing charter fleet for Greece at our four bases in Lefkas, Lavrion, Volos and Santorin. Also Turkey is growing in popularity amongst sailors. In the Caribbean, in addition to our base in St. Lucia, we have also planned a new base in Cuba.

As new seasons bring new developments you will find, next to our large range of various yachts, models of our new selection of Dufour yachts. Numerous new yachts of different brands and types will complete our fleet in 2019.

Check out our new charter catalogue and discover more. We strive to offer you the best service and good quality at fair prices. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Yours Pitter Yachtcharter Team

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Through our Yacht-Pool Charter-Faitrag and the security with the Yacht-Pool security certificate, you are always on the safe side.

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