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Published on 27.06.2024

Exciting sailing days at the 23rd Kornati Cup

Written by Tina Pitter
Exciting sailing days at the 23rd Kornati Cup

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The latest edition of the Kornati Cup was characterized by exciting races and days full of community spirit and adventure. In this report we accompany you through the daily challenges of the participants on the regatta course, embedded in the diverse program. This year the event was once again embossed by an excellent atmosphere and rousing celebrations, which made the event one of the best Kornati Cup for many crews. ⛵

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Opening and start of the regatta event

After the successful opening ceremony at the Biograd Aquacenter on Sunday, the regatta course took place on Monday in light winds of 7-8 knots, with a navigation race to Sali. ➡️ In order to make regatta sailing with charter boats even more attractive, the two ORC Pitter charter class groups, with and without spinnaker, were introduced this year. These also opened the first race at 11:30 a.m. at Gnalic with wind from the south/southwest. The other groups then started at 10-minute intervals. The race was very demanding as the westerly wind only took hold later in the day and the crews had to look for the wind fields between the islands on the way to Sali. This race required patience and good observation skills. The field kept mixing up and the race remained exciting until shortly before the Sali harbor entrance. To the chagrin of the gennaker and spinner sailors, the side sail had to remain below deck on Monday as there were no downwind or downwind courses.

All in all, it was a great first day of sailing, which brought all participants successfully to the finish by 5:00 p.m., where a delicious goulash was already available as a welcome meal for the sailors. 🍽️

Afterwards, a gin and tonic party took place directly at the Pitter Yachtcharter Racing Team's yacht, to which everyone was invited. The Pitter Racing Team took this opportunity to present the new Dufour 41, which is planned as a new one design class next year. The day came to an atmospheric end at Caffe Bar Maritimo with great music and the rhythms of a saxophone player. 🎷


The second day of the regatta required patience

On Tuesday the day started quite relaxed, as the start of the regatta was pushed back due to a lack of wind. In sunny weather, the participants enjoyed their breakfast in the charming island town of Sali. After the award ceremony from the previous day, we set off back towards Biograd. The first group, the Pitter charter class without a spinnaker, started at 1:05 p.m. Unfortunately, the wind was unable to prevail, which is why the race ultimately had to be stopped. ❌

The participants continued the journey with motor until the wind came late, but finally, making two exciting races possible. The mood lifted with every gust of wind, and at 3:30 p.m. the sailors were able to start the first race in 7-8 knots of wind. First, an up-and-down course was sailed over two laps, with the wind steadily increasing from the south. 🌬️ With the now ideal conditions with a wonderful sailing wind of 11-12 knots, the race committee decided on another race, a new up-and-down course. This was in anticipation of the next day of the regatta, which was forecast to have very strong winds, to ensure that enough racing could be carried out if a start was not possible on Wednesday. The day ended with a convivial sailing dinner in Biograd with beer served, a well-deserved end to a beautiful day of sailing. 🍻

The biggest challenge at the end of the Kornati Cup

On Wednesday the sailors continued their route from Biograd to Zut. After breakfast in the Marina Restaurant, the usual skipper briefing was skipped in order to be able to start earlier in view of the forecast of strong southerly winds with gusts of up to 30 knots. The start took place in the Pasman Canal in the direction of Zut. As the southerly wind steadily increased, the race proved to be very demanding. Due to the harsh conditions, there were some material breaks and many crews decided to forego setting the sails altogether.

Despite the challenging conditions, the day was a complete success. After arriving in Zut with light rain, the crews were welcomed with a traditional Croatian risotto for dinner. 🍲 Later, from 9:00 p.m., the Elvstrøm and Yachten Meltl Cuba Libre Party began on the new BAVARIA C46, ​​which celebrated its regatta premiere at the Kornati Cup and could also be viewed.


Results of all classes

Throwback to a great Thursday

On Thursday the day began after breakfast with the traditional dish “Štrukli”, followed by the skipper's briefing and the daily award ceremonies. Based on the previous day's experience, the regatta management decided to motor around the island from Zut and then start in the channel between the islands of Zut and Kornat, where the sea state was much lower, making cruising easier.

The fifth and final race of the regatta was a typical coastal race that led back to Biograd, with winds of 25 knots from the southwest, which died down towards the evening. As the wind died down, the day became more and more of a wonderful sailing day. Shortly before Gangaro, the yachts set their gennakers and spinnakers and sailed on a wonderful downwind course to the finish line, a magnificent picture at the end of a perfect regatta with ideal wind conditions. ⛵

Closing Party of the Kornati Cup

The ceremonial conclusion took place in the Biograd Aquacenter with the award ceremony. Despite the light rain at the beginning, which forced those present to move closer together in the hall, the atmosphere was excellent. There was a happy bond, shaped by the days we spent together. The party continued until 1:00 a.m. with a lively party and rocking music from the DJ. 🥳

Anyone who appreciates the combination of sporting competition, cozy get-togethers and celebrations should not miss this regatta.

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Tina Pitter
Tina Pitter
Author of the article


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