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Yacht charter Italy

Rent a yacht and sail in Italy

Breath-taking landscapes, colourful villages along the coast and the excellent Italian cuisine: a yacht charter in Italy does not only entice with good weather. Experience the beautiful west coast of Italy as well as the many beaches and bays of the surrounding islands, Elba, Sardinia, Ischia and Capri, to name but a few, on a sailing trip in Italy with Pitter Yachtcharter. Our Italian charter base offers can be found in Portoferraio on Elba, on the north-east coast of Sardinia in Marina dell' Isola and in Castellammare di Stabia in the beautiful Gulf of Naples as well as in the very south of Italy in Tropea at the very tip of the boot. From here, a sailing trip will take you to the beautiful Lipari Islands and Sicily.

Trust in our many years of experience for yacht charter in Italy and experience a wonderful sailing holiday!

What can sailors expect from a yacht charter in Italy?

  • Coastline of over 7,500 kilometers
  • More than 200 islands
  • Constant winds: Maestro, Scirocco, Libeccio and Tramontana
  • Mild climate conditions and varied landscapes
  • Ideal sailing area for newcomers and families

Rent a yacht in Italy: Sailing charter in Italy

Mild climatic conditions and diverse island landscapes invite you to sail in Italy. Small and charming towns for strolling alternate with beautiful beaches and lovely bays.  Hardly any other country is so well suited for unwinding and leaving everyday life behind.

Discover the beauty of Elba on a sailing trip

The small island of Elba is only a short distance from the Italian mainland and therefore an ideal port of departure for sailing trips. The landscape of the very green island is lovely and offers a variety of hidden bays and great beaches. Round the island in a week on your charter, Elba offers numerous possibilities for a week of sailing pleasure. Already in Portoferraio, the main town of the island, you can experience numerous cultural sights at the start of your holiday.

Discover our yachts and sailboats from Elba!

The smaller islands of Tuscany are also very popular with sailors. Visit the Tuscan Island of Capraia north of Elba and sail along the Italian mainland back to Elba and enjoy the charm of Tuscany. Old harbour towns with lively waterfront promenades as well as fantastic anchorages with crystal-clear water await you.

From Elba, you can also explore the famous Strait of Bonifacio and the La Magdalena Islands between Sardinia and the French island of Corsica. 

Sardinia, the Maddalena Archipelago, and the neighbouring French island of Corsica

Set off from Marina dell' Isola in the north-east of Sardinia and explore the sun-drenched Costa Smeralda. Bays with turquoise-blue water create a Caribbean feeling in the sailing area of Sardinia.  No matter in which direction you start, the possibilities here are sheer endless.

Both the south of Sardinia with its capital Cagliari, the city on seven hills, and the west with the Asinara National Park in the north, Sardinia is a very varied sailing area. The famous La Magdalena Islands are a highlight of any Sardinian cruise.

The diverse coastline of Sardinia and especially the Strait of Bonifacio, between Sardinia and Corsica, are popular photo motifs. The French island of Corsica is a popular place to visit on a cruise from Sardinia.  The town of Bonifacio on the southern tip has a large harbour and a magnificent view from the upper town. The town of Bonifacio towers breathtakingly high on the cliffs, and in good weather you can see as far as Sardinia and the offshore islands.

Start your sailing trip from Sardinia.

Discover the beautiful sailing area around Naples with a yacht charter

Sail from Castellammare di Stabia along the 50 km long Amalfi Coast of the Italian peninsula of Sorrento. In Positano, sailors are greeted by colourful houses built directly onto the rugged slopes. Steep steps and narrow alleys lead to small squares that reward the effort with incomparable views over the Amalfi Coast. The former fishing village is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Italy and can be reached ideally from the water on a charter from Castellammare.

Discover our yachts in the Gulf of Naples!

From Castellammare die Stabbia, it is possible to start a sailing trip to the volcanic islands of Procida and Ischia and Capri. Ischia is best known for its thermal baths and nature reserve. Beautiful churches, an aristocratic palace and the impressive library of the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo can be visited on the island of Procida. Particularly beautiful and very popular with sailors is the island of Capri with the famous "Blue Grotto". 

When sailing on the Amalfi Coast, many famous historical sites and places such as Pompeii can be visited. The sailing area is characterised by barren rugged cliffs and beautiful lime groves. The famous Italian liqueur Limoncello originally comes from here.

Of course, Naples should not be missed on a yacht charter in Italy. Rich in sights and cultural offerings, this city is always worth a visit. The famous Neapolitan pizza alone is reason enough to rent a yacht in Italy and set sail for the Gulf of Naples.

Aeolian Islands and Sicily, sailing in the far south of Italy

Set off from Tropea at the tip of Italy's boot and discover the beauty of the Lipari Islands, as the Aeolian Islands of Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Salina and Stromboli are also known. Visit the volcanic island of Stromboli and perhaps even witness a natural spectacle when glowing lava from the still active volcano pours into the sea. Sicily is also not far from Tropea. Sicily is therefore easily included in the itinerary of your yacht charter.

Discover your sailing trip from Tropea

Start your sailing trip in Italy now. The travel options to our charter bases in Italy are very good. Our bases are very well connected in terms of transport. There are good air and rail connections. Regular ferry connections to Elba and Sardinia also enable a quick and fast journey. The bases are also very easy to reach by car from all over Europe.

Discover the beauty of Italy's sailing estuaries

Castellammare di Stabia Marina di Stabia
Vela Charter: Member of Nautic Alliance
Member of Nautic Alliance: Best all-round service with consistent high-level quality.

Castellammare di Stabia

Marina di Stabia

Pitter Charter-Partner Base

Castellammare di Stabia is located in the beautiful Gulf of Naples, which is particularly popular for the islands of Ischia and Capri. On an individual yacht charter from Castellammare di Stabia, sailors discover the picturesque coastal towns of Italy. The long-standing Pitter Charter partner Vela Charter offers upscale charter standards and services as well as the best all-round service at a uniformly high level of quality.

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Tropea Porto di Tropea, Tropea
Marimari: Member of Nautic Alliance Member of Nautic Alliance: Best all-round service with consistent high-level quality.


Porto di Tropea, Tropea

Pitter Charter-Partner Base

Sail from Tropea along the magnificent coastline to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands of Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano and Stromboli in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The long-standing Pitter Charter partner Marimari offers upscale charter standards and services as well as the best all-round service at a uniformly high level of quality.

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Route 1

What to see in Campania on a sailing boat

What to choose from the infinite variety of stimuli generated by music, sea, fun and nature, but also by the history and culture of this treasure chest full of wonders? The perfect trip starts from the sea, to enjoy its intense colours, the coastline full of bays, inlets and cliffs, the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Capri and Ischia and Procida, true masterpieces of nature. Campania is a region rich in Mediterranean vegetation, with villages rich in history, art and traditions, where you can spend an unforgettable holiday: on the slopes of Vesuvius, dark and mysterious, Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei are home to ancient thermal baths and underwater cities. Naples, intense and passionate, dances in a riot of cultured and popular, sacred and profane, joyful and melancholic aspects.

The Sorrento and Amalfi coasts offer glimpses of paradise, jagged coastlines concealing small beaches inaccessible to the crowds, and terraces sloping down to the sea, used to cultivate citrus fruits, olive trees and vines. These are the gardens that perfume the air with orange, lemon and orange blossom.

Castellammare – Sorrento – Capri – Positano – Amalfi


The first thing you notice about Sorrento, arriving there by sea, is the extraordinary beauty of the old buildings and hotels overlooking the sea, set on the cliffs that mark the entire perimeter of the town. An unusual image of extraordinary beauty.

Going ashore you can go towards the centre of town and admire all the other attractions of Sorrento, from the Villa Comunale to the beautiful streets of the centre, full of characteristic shops and restaurants offering Sorrentine culinary specialities.

Sorrento is famous for its gastronomic specialities and, above all, for a particular liqueur, the "limoncello", produced with the lemons of the Sorrento peninsula.

The centre of Sorrento is Piazza Tasso, where the main events take place. Not far away is the Villa Comunale. In the surroundings you can find large underground car parks to leave your car because we remind you that the centre is a pedestrian zone. In addition to the historical centre, there is the port of Sorrento, where ferries and hydrofoils call every day. Then there is the little fishermen's port with its trattorias by the sea. Here you can see the famous house of Sofia Loren used for the scene of the film "Bread, Love and Fantasy". Another stop is the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, jagged rocks overlooking the blue sea.


Capri has always been considered the queen of the Phlegrean Islands, those that are part of the Gulf of Naples. Always a magnet for high-class international tourism in search of unforgettable experiences, Capri should be put on your list of trips to Italy at least once in your life. Capri will always amaze you and every corner will leave you speechless: here is what to see on the island.

Capri, close enough to both Naples and Sorrento, is really strategically located, ideal to visit if you are in the area but also to consider as a unique destination for a unique and unforgettable trip. Its beaches, the Faraglioni rocks, the famous Piazzetta which has been the backdrop for films and much gossip in the past, a special social life: these are just some of the things you can do on Capri during a holiday.


Positano's main beach is Marina Grande, lined on one side by the pier where boats dock and on the other by Music on the Rocks, the most famous disco on the coast. The promenade is lined with restaurants, bars and clubs where you can enjoy a drink while admiring the sunset or where you can dine by the sea. There is also a second beach, Fornillo, which is smaller and more private and has been awarded the Green Flag as a family-friendly beach and the prestigious Blue Flag by FEE Italy. From this beach, you can also admire the Trasita Tower, an ancient watchtower built at the behest of the viceroy of Naples.


Visiting the Amalfi Coast is a unique experience, especially if you decide to do it by sea. In fact, this stretch of coastline is one of the most beautiful in Italy, full of breathtaking landscapes, corners of paradise and wonders to be discovered, including dream beaches, history and culture. In spring, but especially in summer, this stretch of coastline becomes a concentration of sun, sea, historical monuments and festivals.

Route 2

Castellamare – Procida – Ischia


The first thing you discover about Procida is the colourful ensemble of houses. Yellow, blue, red, orange, white: a rainbow that welcomes the traveller to this small island, not very touristy and so extraordinarily authentic. The beauty of Procida is all here: fishermen, blue sea and boats, lemons, hills, small villages frozen in time.

Like Corricella, a small cluster of colourful fishermen's houses chosen by Massimo Troisi for some scenes in the film Il Postino. Then there are the beaches, almost all of which are accessible, with fine sand or thick volcanic sand, but always washed by a crystal-clear sea.

A boat trip around Procida will allow you to admire places like the medieval centre of Terra Murata, the seaside village of Marina Corricella, the Chiaiolella bay and the lighthouse.


Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples in Italy. The thermal springs gush out at Maronti beach, located to the south. To the east, Roman remains can be found on the seabed at Cartaromana beach. The beach overlooks the medieval Aragonese Castle, connected to Ischia by a stone bridge.

If you like to visit archaeological sites, you cannot miss the Roman settlements of Ischia. You must absolutely visit the suggestive Aragonese Castle, the port and the ancient Villa de' Bagni. But Ischia is above all sea, beaches and beautiful bays; from the fine sand of the Spiaggia dei Pescatori (Fishermen's beach) to the Spiaggia degli Inglesi (English beach), just a short walk from the port of Ischia.

Only in Ischia you can find ancient thermal springs and natural pools that flow directly from the beach where sea water mixes with thermal water.

Route 3

Castellamare – Ventotene – Ponza – Ventotene – Ischia


Ventotene is an island in the Pontine archipelago: rich in history and uncontaminated land and sea landscapes, it was known to the Greeks as 'pandataria', (i.e. dispenser of every good). Today Ventotene is a small oasis halfway between Ischia and Ponza.

Quiet, wild and far from mass tourism, the island of Ventotene is frequented by yachtsmen and tourists passing through, in search of a relaxing, timeless holiday. Until 1965, in fact, the nearby island of Santo Stefano was the site of a penal colony. This is perhaps why Ventotene and Santo Stefano have not undergone the tourist development of the neighbouring islands and offer a unique and unspoilt landscape, a true paradise for lovers of the sea, diving and excursions.

Like the neighbouring islands, Ventotene was also colonised by the Romans. The remains of Roman architecture are scattered all over the island. One of the best preserved remains is certainly the Roman Port, the remains of which are visible today in the area of the current port, which is also the centre of the island.


The harbour area is the first you see when you arrive at Ponza. The view is not bad at all, but do not be satisfied. Continuing beyond the tourist harbour and the historic centre you come to the Borgo di Santa Maria, where there is a small port and the island is already a little less touristy. Le Forna is the wildest and highest part of the island. Despite its limited surface area, Ponza is rich in interesting tourist sites. There are seven archaeological sites from the Roman era with villas and necropolises. The Tunnel for Chiaia di Luna, dating from the Augustan period and dug into the tufa, connects Ponza Porto to the Chiaia di Luna beach. Monuments include churches and the Palazzo Tagliamonte. What fascinates most about the island of Ponza is the sea and its coastline; another important point is the harbour, a small landing place that materializes in front of the town in a dimension suspended in time.

Qualification requirements

For a yacht charter in Italy, you need one of the licences listed below as well as a radio licence.

  • Internationally valid offshore patent
  • and radio licence

If you do not have a sailing licence or do not have enough experience, you can also book a skipper for the desired yacht.

Bedding and WIFI

  • Bed linen is not included in the price. It must be booked in advance and paid for on site: €10/set.
  • There is no WIFI on board the yachts. There is free WIFI in the home port.

Numerous cruises and excursions

A sailing holiday from Castellammare di Stabia is a unique experience for any yacht charter crew. From there are a variety of cruising options and excursions such as:

  • Island of Capri - the pearl in the Gulf of Naples
  • Volcanic island of Ischia - famous for its many thermal springs
  • Island of Procida - enchants with beautiful bathing beaches, picturesque bays, and quiet coastal towns
  • Amalfi Coast - one of the most beautiful areas in Italy
  • Old town of Salerno - offers breath-taking panoramic views of the entire Amalfi Coast


May to October is the best time for a sailing holiday in Castellammare di Stabia; hardly any rainfall and pleasant, warm temperatures await you. August has the highest average temperature of 28°C.

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