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We are happy to help you and advise you personally! 
Phone +43 3332 66 240
from Monday till Friday
from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.
Klaus Pitter, CEO  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
susanne-gigl-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg hans-ertl-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Susanne Gigl, Head of Development & Regatta  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Hans Ertl, Head of Client Relations  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
helga-fuchs-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg brigitte-gebhart-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Helga Fuchs, Client Relations  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Brigitte Gebhart, Client Relations  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
judith-koch-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg monika-schloegl-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Judith Koch, Client Relations  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Monika Schlögl, Client Relations  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
nina-lang-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg sarah-putz-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Nina Lang, Client Relations & Regatta  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Sarah Putz, Client Relations (currently in parental leave)
christina-pitter-fuerbass-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg kathrin-szabo-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Mag. Christina Pitter-Fürbass, Head of Marketing  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Mag. (FH) Kathrin Szabo, Marketing  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
denise-unterberger-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg gabi-haindl-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Denise Unterberger, Marketing  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Gabi Haindl, Yacht Invest  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
sonja-bschaiden-glatz-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg iris-hirschboeck-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Sonja Bschaiden-Glatz, Yacht Invest  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Iris Hirschböck, Yacht Invest & Regatta  e-mail.png telefon-new.png
sylvia-berner-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg barbara-oesterreicher-pitteryachtcharter-team.jpg
Sylvia Berner, Accounting  e-mail.png telefon-new.png Barbara Österreicher, Payments  e-mail.png telefon-new.png

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