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Team Pitter Yachtcharter Veruda

Team Veruda

Base manager: Mr. Marko Pereša and Mrs. Dora Novak

Team Pitter charter partner Veruda

Teamfoto folgt

Base manager: Mr. Davor Sverko

Team Pitter charter partner Zadar

Teamfoto folgt

Base manager: Mr. Njegomir Bjelic

Team Pitter charter partner Krk

Team Punat

Base manager: Mr. Gregor Hren

Team Pitter charter partner Sukosan

Team Sukosan

Base manaher: Mr. Ivica Košta

Team Pitter Yachtcharter Biograd

Team Biograd

Base manager: Mr. Marko Rudic and Mr. Marin Katicin

Team Pitter charter partner Biograd (Adriatic Challenge)

Teamfoto folgt

Base manager: Mr. Mišo Barbaroša

Team Pitter charter partner Biograd (Yacht Center Mannheim)

Teamfoto folgt

Base manager: Kai Pohatschka

Team Pitter Yachtcharter Pirovac

Teamfoto folgt

Base manager: Mr. Ante Milat and Mr. Petar Brzic

Team Pitter charter partner Pirovac

Team Pirovac

Base  manager: Mr. Luka Cubric

Team Pitter Yachtcharter Murter Jezera

Team Murter Jezera


Technical Manager: Mr. Tome Bilić    

Team Pitter charter partner Sibenik

Team Sibenik

Base manager: Mr. Andreas Schinner

Team Pitter Yachtcharter Trogir ACI and SCT

Team Trogir ACI und SCT

Base manager: Mr. Nikola Bogic

Team Pitter charter partner Split

Team Split

Base manager: Mr. Darko Keckemet

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