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Charter partner and NA-member

As a charter fleet operator, we have more than 400 yachts, world wide, of various models and types in our programme.

Pitter Yachtcharter Charter partner and NA-member

We are very particular when it comes to qualifying and hallmarking our hubs with quality standards. Not only do we have our own branded bases but we also work closely with other charter companies. So as to be considered for our partner programme, charter partner companies must uphold our quality and guideline standards, as well as must comply with our high expectations for service. Nautic Alliance charter partner companies are also managed directly through Pitter’s booking centre and must adhere to our specific guidelines.

Our charter bases:

Pitter Yachtcharter: High quality standards and best service at fair prices.

Pitter Charter-Partner: Long-time proven Pitter Charter-Partner with high charter standards and services.

Member of Nautic Alliance: Best all-round service with consistent high-level quality.

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