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Guidelines Covid-19

As a reputable yacht charter company, safety, health and the well-being of our customers have top priority. Unfortunately, the corona virus (Covid-19) causes uncertainty, so we monitor the current situation very closely in order to be able to inform our customers as best we can.

Safety for you as a charter guest &
recommended safety measures on holiday!

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Personal service, safety and your health are our highest priority!

Due to the current situation we are confronted with many requests.

We are working hard to process your requests chronologically according to travel time in order to really find the best holiday solution for all our customers.

The current corona crisis is a big challenge for all of us, because unlike package tours, there are no legal cancellation conditions for charter bookings.

Our focus is to give our customers security, we will not leave you alone, so that you still can enjoy your holiday in 2020. For the time being we have to wait, nobody wants to miss their long-awaited vacation, therefore we are already working on changing many bookings.

We are happy to advise you on your current charter booking and are always keen accommodate you with individual solutions.

The next sailing holiday will come, the situation will get worse, but then it will gradually calm down again in the next few weeks and travel will be possible and safe again.

For the time being we need to follow the rules and regulations given by the federal government concerning travel restrictions (www.sozialministerium.at) and unfortunately rebook some bookings due to entry restrictions. 

Mild, or no symptoms at all are the normal case of a corona virus infection. Scientists repeatedly emphasize that 80 percent of infections are harmless. However, elderly people and people with previous heart or lung diseases, diabetes and cancer patients are particularly at risk of developing severe infections.

Out of solidarity and so that the corona crisis can be overcome as quickly as possible, everyone should make a valuable contribution to the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

We now need solidarity but also distance in daily life in order to come out of the crisis stronger and what could be better than to escape the daily routine on a sailing yacht together with your loved ones and finally enjoy peace and relaxation again!

Even if this still seems to be a while away - don't let your holiday joy for 2020 be taken away!

Your Pitter Yachtcharter Team.

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