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Bavaria C42

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Bavaria C42

The clever detailed solutions on and below deck known from Bavaria Yachts have been further refined in the Bavaria C42. They give this extraordinary sailing yacht with a length of 12.38 meters the best of the latest innovations in yacht building.

  • The Bavaria C42 is a modern and fast sailing yacht that sails very well, a cruiser with performance and the comfort of a cruising yacht.
  • With incomparably good space and super-wide berths, the C42 impresses with unprecedented volume below deck.

She owes this to the completely redesigned hull concept that shows great similarities with the large Ocean Race yachts.

With a pronounced knickspant, the "chines", the design teams from Cosutti Yacht Design and Bavaria Yachts have succeeded in developing a sailing yacht with a great design and space with the best possible sailing characteristics. The chines, which are particularly pronounced at the rear, extend almost over the entire length and thus ensure immense dimensional stability thanks to the large interior volume. The high dimensional stability enables a high rig and more sail area.

The high stability and the V-bow with an iron keel of 2700 kilograms ensure greater safety in rough seas and impresses with the best sailing performance.

Despite the wide deck, the Bavaria C42 manages very well with just one rudder, which is particularly appreciated when maneuvering in port. Due to the deep spade rudder, the C42 turns much more precisely when the rudder blade is flown by the propeller, even without making speed.



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