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Published on 06.12.2022

Your sailing holiday on Social Media

Written by Denise Unterberger
Your sailing holiday on Social Media

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A sailing holiday ⛵ is diverse and that is why it is always interesting for us as well as for our community. For this reason, we invest a lot of time in social media, because we want to inspire you to make the best time of the year, namely your well-deserved sailing trip, something special and to take many memories home with you. Memories can be kept in your head, but photos and videos 🎞️ are something you will enjoy looking at and chatting about with your crew or friends for years to come.

"Per Du" - on a personal level - why is that? Have we met before? 

Oh yes, you'll notice that this time we're addressing you as "you" on our blog. We're also taking the liberty of being on a first-name basis with you on our website today, because we're always on a first-name basis with our community on our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram. If it bothers you that we address you as "Du" in our social media channels, please let us know. For us, using the first name is in no way disrespectful or impolite towards others - for us, it creates trust and personality. We simply want you to know that there is no robot or agency behind our social media accounts, but Pitter Yachtcharter employees. Our employees also introduce themselves to you as soon as they get in touch with you and that is important to us. We not only advise you on the phone, but also when you contact us via social media. 😊

Why should I follow Pitter Yachtcharter on social media?

On our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram, we inform you three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, about current topics related to yacht charter. We provide you with information about our bases, sailing tips, on-board kitchen recipes, regattas, take you on trips with our community, show you the real holiday feeling and give you an insight into our Pitter Crew.


Your contribution to our articles and stories

Of course, we repost your posts and stories when you mention us. We would like to say a 💙 felt thank you to everyone who has taken us on their trip so far and tagged us so many times. It's just nice to know that we've done everything right for you and your crew to enjoy a great holiday. Your great posts and stories really put us in the holiday mood and make us want to set off right away. Nothing stands in your way of getting inspired right away and booking your next sailing holiday. ⛵ Choose from the numerous Pitter offers, many new yacht models in seven destinations.


👆 We also save interesting stories in our highlights on Instagram, so you can always catch up on them.

How can you take us with you on your journey? We provide you with the necessary instructions. 

So that we can repost your stories, please tag us @pitteryachtcharter. ➡️ If this is new territory for you, just watch the video below:

Have you heard of GIFs?

GIFs are animated and are used to make stories even more meaningful. You've probably used a lot of animated GIFs. We have also created our own Pitter GIFs. When you create your story, just type Pitter or Pitter Yachtcharter into the GIF search and they will appear. We would love to see you use them in your stories too. 👇


Social Wall - What is it? 

On our social wall you will find all our posts and stories from Facebook and Instagram. Put simply, a pinboard of all our and your posts! 😉 If you use our hashtag #pitteryachtcharter, your posts will automatically appear on our Social Wall and even those who don't have social media accounts can participate in your sailing trip via our website. Feel free to check out our Social Wall

We are looking forward to participating in your next sailing trip via Facebook or Instagram!

Denise Unterberger
Denise Unterberger
Author of the article


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