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Published on 18.08.2022

Premiere: The first time at the Kornati Cup

Written by Denise Unterberger
Premiere: The first time at the Kornati Cup

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The Kornati Cup 2022 is already part of the long regatta history of Pitter Yachtcharter, because this year the cult regatta could finally take place again at the usual time in spring. The preparation time for the regatta was very long and time-consuming, so the 7 days on site in Croatia were all the shorter for our Pitter Regatta team. Especially Denise, our colleague from Marketing, who attended the Kornati Cup for the first time, would certainly not have objected to the fact that the exciting time in Croatia lasted longer. We therefore asked her to share all her impressions and experiences with us.

Denise, let's go - tell us about your premiere

Well, where should I start now... it's best to start with the moment when Susi (organizer of the Kornati Cup) invited me to not only help with the planning this year, but also to actually be there on site. I was overjoyed, because it is something completely different, to experience in real everything that you otherwise only see on photos in the office. Because we started planning so early, it was also possible for me to deliver the entire graphic and digital implementation of the event in a timely manner, so we were able to start very relaxed in Croatia.

Off to Croatia


For our Pitter Regatta Team from Hartberg (Susi, Iris, Nina, Kathrin, Karin and I) the trip started on April 28th, 2022, because we as part of the organization had to do a lot in advance in Croatia before the participants slowly started to arrive. So I was able to gather important impressions and meet a lot of new people before the start of the regatta. I set up my workplace on our catamaran during the regatta, the Alphabeta.

What were my duties on site?

Together with my colleague Kathrin we formed the marketing team at the Kornati Cup. For us, the top priority was to keep you, the participants, well informed about everything that is happening at the moment, what is happening on the pier and on the yachts, the course of the day or the beginning of the evening program. Kathrin shared this information with you via social media and the blog and I shared it with you on our communication medium Telegram. In addition, there was the preparation of the two live streams and the publication of the results and pictures on the website. In hindsight, that doesn't really sound like work, but it often kept us up until the early hours. But not too bad, because I can say that I am passionate about my work and for our participants every little effort is worth it, because you are the core of the Kornati Cup and make the event to what it is is.

My resume of the Kornati Cup 2022


Kurz vor der Siegerehrung und dem Livestream am Mittwoch, hat mich Susi gefragt wie es mir gefallen hat. Meine Antwort darauf: "Nächstes Jahr bin ich wieder dabei!". Ich glaube das sagt schon alles, aber nochmal kurz für alle zusammengefasst: Ich hatte von Tag 1 an sehr viel Spaß und habe mich absolut wohl gefühlt. Auch meinen 23. Geburtstag konnte ich vor Ort seeehr gut feiern (an dieser Stelle werde ich aber keine Fotos von der Party teilen 😉).

Shortly before the award ceremony and the live stream on Wednesday, Susi asked me how I liked it. My answer: "I'll be there again next year!". I think that says it all, but to summarize it again briefly for everyone: I had a lot of fun from day 1 and felt absolutely comfortable. I also celebrated my 23rd birthday there very well (but I will not share any photos from the party at this point 😉).

Although I only knew a few participants before, everyone was easy to talk to and that was something that impressed me. I felt immediately that for our participants the Kornati Cup is not just any regatta, but a fixed date in many sailing calendars.

... I'm about to finish, just a little bit about Croatia itself: The environment and generally the whole area around the Kornati is simply beautiful and is well suited for a regatta, but even better for the next sailing holiday. Have you already booked for 2023? ⛵

Last but not least: Thanks to everyone who was there, it was incredibly great to have been a part of this event and to have finally felt the regatta feeling too.

See you at the next Kornati Cup (29.04. - 04.05.2023), your Denise.

Denise Unterberger
Denise Unterberger
Author of the article


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