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Published on 08.01.2023

Sailing trip with Friends on a catamaran

Written by Sebastian Zier
Sailing trip with Friends on a catamaran

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After our first sailing trip with the family last year, it was clear to us that we should charter a boat again in 2022. But this time with friends and on a catamaran because it simply offers more space. With stories and pictures, we were quickly able to convince our friends and all the berths were full. The demand was great, and we could even have added a few more friends.

The crew had already been chosen a year in advance and so we were able to take advantage of the early booking discount through Pitter Yachtcharter. As we were 10 people in total, some of whom had never sailed before, we chose the Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 Quintet "Fee". We wanted to have enough space with sunbathing areas and places to relax. In addition, each of us had our own cabin, so we could also retreat from time to time. But this was also possible on deck.

Anticipation brings the greatest joy.

So, we used one or two sailing meetings at home to prepare and plan for the trip.

The following points were on the list:

  • What do we buy?
  • How often do we cook? Who cooks?
  • Who is responsible for shopping?
  • What will be bought in advance?
  • Cabin allocation
  • Arrival: Departure/ arrival time/ allocation in the cars.
  • What else is needed: SUP, air mattress, games, clothes pegs, coffee machine, toaster, towels
  • Joint board cashier/ accounting
  • Important tips: Tablets against nausea (just in case)

Sailing without sailing experience - just book a skipper

Since almost all the crew had no prior sailing experience and we wanted to be on the safe side, a friend who goes on a sailing trip every year organised a skipper who was on board with us the whole time and took us from A to B. If you don't know a skipper, you can also book one through Pitter Yachtcharter (we would have used this option if our friend didn't have one). If you don't know a skipper, you can also book one through Pitter Yachtcharter (we would have used this option even if our friend didn't have a skipper in his circle of acquaintances). So don't worry if you don't have any sailing experience either, that shouldn't stop you. We can recommend a skipper to make your trip relaxed and uncomplicated. You won't have to stress about getting a buoy or finding a good anchorage for the night. The skipper can also give you cool tips when it comes to eating out or shopping. Just talk to the skipper about what you want, and he will organise everything. This way you can really enjoy your time on board and organise it freely.


We cast off in Biograd with the destination Hvar. The first night we spent anchored in Zlarin with the first beautiful sunset and sunrise. After the first morning jump into the sea, we continued early, as we had a long stretch ahead of us. We decided to sail very far via Vis to have more time in and around Hvar. Some people think that you could get bored on a boat. Quite the opposite. We discovered fantastic bays, went cliff jumping, used the SUP and dinghy (dinghy) to go ashore, discovered the fantastic underwater world while snorkelling and of course took super cool photos. But we also didn't miss out on playing cards, reading or just relaxing in the sun. Sport was also not to be missed. There were a few yoga and workout sessions on deck or on the SUP. Whether in groups or just with a partner, everyone was free to do as they pleased.


Of course, in a group it is sometimes not that easy (everyone has their own ideas) but we took it very relaxed so that everyone had a nice holiday - as it suited them. What certainly made everything so laid-back was that we had already clarified a few things in the meetings, and it took out some of the tensions that otherwise tend to arise. For example, at the meetings in advance it was agreed that we would always prepare breakfast together in the morning and take turns washing up, make small snacks during the day and in the evening the boys would cook and wash up once and the girls once. On the other evenings, we went ashore and indulged in culinary delights in great conobas. We always went out to eat together as a crew. However, you can also arrange this freely and split up or stay on board if you prefer to enjoy the beautiful evening on the boat.


It was especially cool that we were a group of couples and the boys could play cards in peace and the girls could chill in the sun together. All in all, we would do a sailing trip with friends again. Cool people, sun, sea, a mega-cool boat, tasty drinks and relaxed music - what could be better? Besides, the atmosphere on the sea, whether in the morning at sunrise, while sailing or at sunset, is so gorgeous. 

Checklist for your first sailing trip 

Here I have created a small checklist for your first sailing trip:

  • Documents: travel documents, vignette?!, change/credit card, e-card, ...
  • Clothing: Board shoes (light coloured soles), flip flops, sailing gloves, jumper, cap, sunglasses, swimwear, leisurewear, rain jacket, windbreaker, ...
  • Health: toiletries, first-aid kit, anti-nausea tablets, sunscreen, after sun, insect repellent, ...
  • Other: dish cloths, torch, towels, chargers, clothes pegs, music, games, snorkel, diving goggles, air mattress, SUP, washing-up liquid, bin liners, ...

I wish you lots of fun on your first trip. Feel free to tag me @sebastianzier and Pitter Yachtcharter  @pitteryachtcharter on Instagram during your adventures on the high seas. All the best!

It's hard to put into words and you have to experience it for yourself.

Sebastian Zier
Sebastian Zier
Author of the article


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