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Published on 06.06.2023

Experience eco-friendly sailing with an electric-powered yacht

Written by Tina Pitter
Experience eco-friendly sailing with an electric-powered yacht

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Together with hiking and cycling, sailing is one of the top three most eco-friendly forms of holiday. Nature and its protection have always been very important to sailors. On a sailing trip you can enjoy your holiday away from mass tourism with friends and family surrounded by nature!⛵ 
➡️ So it is only natural that eco-friendly e-mobility is also being championed in the yachting industry. More and more shipyards are joining the development of alternative propulsion systems for yachts under the aspect of environmental protection.

Do you love the original silent sailing? Do you also always take a deep breath when the diesel engine has finally been switched off? 

Then you will enjoy your holiday on our Oceanis 40.1 Electric "Moritz" with electric drive, because electric drives are so considerably quieter than combustion engines. As they have no gearbox, they are virtually silent. They protect the environment and especially the water quality, no oil, no diesel smell. In addition to moving ecologically, yachts with an electric drive have full propeller torque from the very first second. Your yacht is thus much easier to manoeuvre, which makes harbour manoeuvres especially easier.

The first yacht with electric propulsion at Pitter Yachtcharter - Oceanis 40.1 Electric

With the new Oceanis 40.1 Electric "Moritz" you have one of the most state-of-the-art yachts with electric propulsion at your disposal at Pitter Yachtcharter 2023.

The conversion of the Oceanis 40.1 to electric propulsion was carried out by the competent Pitter Yachtservice team in Biograd in Croatia. As an independent company under the Pitter Yachtcharter brand, the professional team at Pitter Croatia offers boat equipment as well as complete yacht services including regular maintenance, repairs and installation of mechanics and electronics for charter yachts and private owner yachts in Croatia. The conversion of the Oceanis 40.1 to electric drive marks the beginning of an even more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for sailing holidays with Pitter Yachtcharter.

The first electric yacht is already online and can be booked for a charter trip.

Some key data:

  • Shipyard: Beneteau
  • Build year: 2023
  • Base: Marina Kornati, Biograd (Croatia)
  • Number of cabins: 3
  • Max. Number of passengers: 7
  • Toilets and showers: each 2
  • Mainsail: full batten
  • Engine builder: Oceanvolt


State-of-the-art e-motor technology from the company Oceanvolt

The expectations of a yacht with an electric motor are high. ➡️ The Oceanis 40.1 Electric is equipped with an innovative solar panel with 1500Wp. Energy consumed during sailing can also be recovered. If there is no wind, no sun and no shore power for days on end, an emergency generator on board provides enough power to safely reach the next harbour and have enough electricity on board. You can find the exact equipment specifications on the yacht page.

indicative system drawing

Yachts with electric propulsion: quiet and environmentally friendly

The yacht industry is following the trend to produce yachts with quiet and environmentally friendly propulsion. 👉 Yachts with electric motors, whether sailing yacht or catamaran, will no longer be a rarity in the future. As early as 2024, another electric yacht will follow at Pitter Yachtcharter: the catamaran Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 Smart Electric.
Speeding almost silently across the sea makes yachts with electric motors particularly attractive compared to combustion engines. This guarantees a pleasant and calming sailing experience, and the surroundings can be enjoyed even more. You have breakfast on board, jump into the water again and off you go to your next destination without any disturbing noise. Almost everyone would like to watch dolphins on their yacht charter, which are very sensitive to noise. On a sailing yacht with diesel propulsion, the engine must be switched off so as to get a glimpse of these fascinating sea creatures. With the new Oceanis 40.1 with electric drive, you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum and sail in an even more eco-friendly manner. 💚

We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer you the first yacht with electric propulsion in the Pitter fleet in Croatia with the start of charter in August 2023. This way, we are also contributing to the protection of our environment and the oceans. 🌊

O More Mati - for the sake of our ocean!

We are very keen to pay special attention to environmental protection while sailing. We have often reported on our environmental campaigns such as O More Mati, as well as giving tips on collecting rubbish during your sailing trip in various blog posts. You can find more information on "Sailing and environmental protection" in our PDF environmental brochure / 7.20 MB and in our blog category Environment & Marine Protection.

*All yacht pictures in this blog article are shipyard pictures © Beneteau (original pictures follow as soon as possible on the yacht page). Indicative system drawing © Oceanvolt.

Tina Pitter
Tina Pitter
Author of the article


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