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Published on 01.12.2022

Sailing with children

Written by Christina Pitter-Fürbass
Sailing with children

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Are you wondering whether a sailing holiday is something for you and your family or whether your children are still too young for a sailing holiday? Or at what age does it make sense to go on board with your child? All these questions will be resolved as soon as you have finished reading this blog, this is a promise 😉 A sailing trip with the family is one of the best ways for children and parents to spend a very special holiday. As a family among yourselves or accompanied by one of our German or English speaking and experienced skippers, you will explore new places every day, discover paradises and experience a relaxing family holiday. ⛵

Sailing with babies


Sailing with kids is already possible when they are babies 👶🏻, especially babies and toddlers who can't walk yet are particularly easy to care for and usually sleep a lot. Therefore, this age is perfect for a sailing holiday. Many have reservations about coming on board with a baby, but this is exactly the time when couple time can still be enjoyed on board. If the little ones are not yet mobile, you don't need to worry much about safety. Babies don't need much space. Above all, the rocking of the ship has a calming effect on babies and most of them find it easier to sleep that way. In the evening, the baby sleeps peacefully in the cabin while the parents can enjoy a glass of wine on board. Babies do not get seasick because their sense of balance is not yet developed. 

Tip for babies on board

It is important to have everything you need for the little ones already on board, because on some islands there are fewer supply options. But you don't need to worry much about the bottles 🍼 and jars, because on a sailing holiday everything is always on board. There are no fixed mealtimes and no carrying from one place to another.

Sailing with toddlers

From the age of 1, certain safety precautions should be taken. With a railing net and life jacket, your child is safe on board. You are welcome to add these extras to your booking.  

Children do not necessarily have to know how to swim to be taken on board, but for many parents this gives them extra security. Most sailors have their children with them on sailing holidays from an early age. Important: Children should always wear a life jacket when sailing, whether they can swim or not. In the bays when anchoring, it is up to you to decide whether the child wears a life jacket, floaties or a sun UV suit with buoyancy floatation, depending on what your child needs to be safe. Please note, however, that floaties can slip off the arms if children fall or jump into the water from the height of a yacht. Therefore, never leave your children unattended on the boat.


The older children get, the more interesting sailing itself becomes. Even three and four-year-olds are already proud to be captains and to be allowed to take on small tasks. Therefore, it is important that the skipper also includes the children in what concerns life aboard. Even three-year-olds understand more than they often realise and learn a lot from their parents. Shore excursions also become more interesting with age, because children are always full of curiosity, want to discover and explore new things. Here you can give free rein to your playful ideas - discover the island like a pirate. Don't forget the net either, to catch fish and crabs, which are then of course released back into the wild. The kids' running bike and scooter don't have to stay at home either. So even with smaller kids, longer walks, city strolls, and sightseeing can be done.

When sailing with children, enjoyment for the kids should never be neglected. On our blog you will find many ideas for activities for your children, e.g., crafts with beach findings, Beach-Cleaning on the beach and in the water, board games and much more.

Sailing with teenagers 

After a certain age, when puberty sets in, it may no longer be so interesting to go on holiday with one’s parents. For children, it becomes more exciting if they can take a friend with them or if you sail together with another family. Peers and friends are especially important for young people. In the evening, they can also go out together on land. 😊

Your family cruise in Croatia


Croatia offers you quiet bays to anchor in, good restaurants with Dalmatian cuisine, cultural and sporting destinations on land and beautiful snorkelling spots in crystal clear water. With a sailing boat you can explore beautiful places that are inaccessible by car. While the children have fun in the water with a floatie, paddle boat and snorkel, you can, depending on the age of the children, sit back, relax and enjoy nature on board the sailing yacht. Please always keep an eye on your children!

Highlights of a Croatia sailing trip for families with children

  • Swim in beautiful bays and crystal-clear water
  • Great beaches to play on
  • Snorkelling and stand-up paddling
  • Exploring lonely bays and nice island villages
  • Interesting country excursions
  • Hiking opportunities with fantastic views
  • Harbour towns with beach promenades to stroll along

If you are ready, so are your children

We have many customers who spend their holidays on a sailing yacht with their children from an early age. There is nothing better for them, and this is also true for Klaus Pitter and his family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

"We have been sailing since our three children were babies. Sure, I'm a full-blooded sailor, but I can assure you that if you're up for it, so are your kids. It's all so easy because you always have everything on board ready to hand, from bottles for toddlers to snorkelling gear. You don't have to carry anything to the beach, if the children are hungry or thirsty, it's no problem and the bed for the afternoon nap is also close by. While the little ones sleep peacefully in the forward cabin, the older children can swim on the bathing platform and the parents can comfortably watch the hustle and bustle from the cockpit and enjoy a cool drink. We usually travel with a family of friends with children of the same age, so the children never get bored. Meanwhile, our two younger children are already 15 and 19 years old, but they still enjoy being on board. Our sailing holidays together mean a lot to us as a family and strengthen our family bond, a time we enjoy very much." - Klaus Pitter

Enjoy an unforgettable sailing holiday with your children!

Schmökern Sie gerne durch unsere zahlreichen Routenvorschläge und Törntipps und schauen Sie öfters hier auf unserem Blog vorbei. Wir geben laufend interessante Tipps zum Leben an Bord, Bordküche, Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten mit Kindern etc.

Enjoy an unforgettable sailing holiday with your children. Feel free to browse through our numerous route suggestions and sailing tips and check back here often on our blog. We constantly provide interesting tips on life on board, onboard cuisine, activities with children, etc.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!
Your Pitter Yachtcharter Team

Christina Pitter-Fürbass
Christina Pitter-Fürbass
Author of the article


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