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Published on 05.07.2022

Check-out of your sailing trip - what to consider

Written by Christina Pitter-Fürbass
Check-out of your sailing trip - what to consider

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Unfortunately, when you check out, your holiday is almost over, but you will definitely go home with great holiday memories. We reveal how the check-out works and what needs to be considered to ensure that it runs smoothly.

  • You received your yacht in perfect condition at check-in. Therefore, please also be considerate of the next charter guest, who would also like to start his well-deserved vacation carefree. We therefore give you the following tips on this blog for your easy check-out.
  • With our classic 7-day charter (Saturday to Saturday), your sailing yacht, catamaran, power catamaran or motor yacht must be returned to the departure marina by 6 p.m. on Friday evening at the latest and then check out at the office. You can spend the night comfortably on the yacht and leave the boat on Saturday latest at 8 a.m.
  • Depending on the base, the boat attendants and divers will be on site for inspections from late afternoon on Friday and Saturday. Please inquire at check-in about the exact handling of the base for check-out, then you can relax and enjoy your trip up to the last minute.

Please also note that in case of a bad weather front, the yacht must be safely in port at the specified check-out times. The check-out process is carried out together with your skipper upon return to the port of departure and takes place in three parts:

1. Technical check-out according to the check-in protocol
2. Diver inspection
3. Check out at the office

How does the technical check-out take place according to the check-in protocol?

All points of the check-in protocol are precisely checked. The Pitter technician is already waiting at the pier or will come to you on board after you have docked. Please be patient if it takes a little longer for the technician to get to you. It may be that he is already checking out. If no defects were found and everything is in order, you will get your deposit back in the office. The following points must be carried out:

Refueling the yacht - what needs to be considered?


You received the yacht with a full tank of fuel, so it must be returned with a full tank. In order to avoid long waits at the gas stations, especially in the summer months, we recommend filling up the yacht on the penultimate day and also filling the reserve canister with diesel. Before the yacht is returned, the tank is then refilled with the reserve canister, but this must be done outside the marina area! This saves you long waiting times at the gas stations, gives you more time on the water and enables a smooth and punctual check-out. The water tanks and the reserve canister for the outboard motor do not need to be filled.

Clean handover of the yacht


For the next charter crew: It happens again and again that yachts are left extremely dirty and the final cleaning therefore takes much longer than planned. Thus, the check-in of the following crew is delayed enormously. We therefore ask you to hand over the ship in good condition and also to bring the garbage into the containers provided in the marina so that the crew after you can check in punctually.

What does clean mean?

Please return the yacht in a clean swept condition, i.e. please do not leave dirty dishes and leftovers on board, empty the refrigerator and empty all waste paper bins as stated above. The next charter guest will thank you, because they want to start their vacation on time just like you do. If the yacht gets dirty or is even left with rubbish and leftovers, the cleaning staff will need much more time than planned. It should be part of the care of any responsible skipper to leave the ship in good condition.

Where are defects to be reported?


Please report any defects you notice on board to the base immediately. This applies equally to check-in and check-out damage, so that it can be repaired as quickly as possible without disrupting the charter process. If defects occur during the trip, please report them immediately so that repairs can be arranged and subsequent displeasure can be prevented. Your ship supervisor has all the data from your check-in as well as from the check-out of the pre-crew immediately at hand. Based on the logs, everything can be clarified immediately. To ensure charter quality, please always list all defects in the check-out log, even if they are small things, so hidden defects cannot be overlooked.

Checking the onboard toilets

A Pitter technician comes on board and checks the toilets together with the skipper. Clogged toilets are your own fault and are not covered by deposit insurance. Also read our blog Proper use of resources on board to learn how to use the toilets correctly.

Diver inspection: why does a diver come on board?

The diver inspection is not carried out by a Pitter employee. It is always an independent diver. The diver checks the underwater parts and the boat hull and documents this with underwater photographs.

Inspection of the yacht through an external diver.

Check-out in the office - when can the crew go off the yacht?

The crew can only disembark and do the check-out in the office after a successful technical check and a clean handover as well as the diving inspection. If the technical check-out is in order and the check-out protocol is signed, the deposit given by credit card at check-in will be released again. However, if deficiencies have been identified, these must first be assessed and the deposit will be retained until then.

  • Pitter Yachtcharter offers you the option of paying a deposit on its own bases and on its charter partner bases in Zadar and Split. With the Pitter deposit coverage, you do not need deposit insurance and you no longer have to pay a deposit on site. In the event of damage, there is no tedious claim settlement with the insurance company.

The skipper also has the opportunity to rate the booked yacht based on various criteria. This review is carried out either directly on board or in the office using a tablet. We thank you in advance for your rating. Of course, we would also be very happy if you share your positive holiday mood and rate us on Google.

With this blog article we have tried to give you a little insight into the matter and the process of a check-out, so that your check-out runs smoothly and to your satisfaction. You will also find in your Faircharter19 conditions, under Chapter IX. important points, especially regarding the return of the charter yacht, as well as points on the rights and obligations of the charter company and the charterer. We wish you a nice holiday with a safe journey home and many beautiful holiday memories.

Do you already know our individual charter options?

For a relaxed and stress-free arrival and departure during the week instead of a holiday starting at the weekend, also think about our individual charter options when booking your next trip. From our bases in Veruda, Biograd and Trogir in Croatia you can also charter Wednesday-Wednesday or for 10 days and thus avoid traffic jams on the road. There is also much less activity at the base and at the gas station at the end of the charter, making checking in and out more pleasant.

If you need a short or spontaneous break: our individual charter options with a charter start during the week also result in our short charter offers for a short break in between.

The Pitter team looks forward to welcoming you back on board soon, because your next holiday is already waiting for you:

Christina Pitter-Fürbass
Christina Pitter-Fürbass
Author of the article


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