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In Volos, sailing enthusiasts experience a high standard of quality at fair prices. Pitter Yachting offers the best all-round service at a consistently high level of quality.

Marina Volos
A sailing holiday from Volos offers everything a sailor's heart desires: the Gulf of Volos and the Northern Sporades - a dream area under the Greek sun.

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Volos Marina base information

Find out more about the Sailing base in Volos.

Sailing trip from Volos: General information about the Greek port city

The modern port city of Volos in the Thessaly region is one of the largest cities in Greece with 86,000 inhabitants. It looks back on a long history and is considered the jewel of the Pagasitic Gulf. A walk through Volos reveals numerous villas, museums and magnificent churches that illustrate the wealth of the city. The picturesque seafront has many appealing restaurants overlooking the open sea. Without a doubt, the west side of the harbour, which can be reached via Argonautenalle on the beach promenade, is one of the most beautiful places in Volos. There, alongside fishing boats and yachts, you will find an exact replica of the ship Argo, made famous by an ancient Greek legend.

Yacht charter Volos: diverse cruises and destinations in the sailing area of the Northern Sporades

The Gulf of Volos and the Northern Sporades are a sheltered, beginner and family-friendly sailing area. Numerous unspoilt bays, warm, crystal-clear water, green hilly landscapes, small islands, imposing rocks and a cosy tavern in almost every bay - this is what characterises the sailing region of Volos.

The Northern Sporades include the four large, inhabited islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros, as well as several small uninhabited islands with beautiful bays and beaches. These islands are ideal to be explored with a Pitter yacht charter from Volos.

The Sporades archipelago, which translates as "the scattered ones", is known for its pleasant climate. Warm temperatures and ideal wind conditions make autumn and spring popular sailing seasons in addition to the summer months.

Numerous bays and coastal resorts, as well as the archipelago of the Northern Sporades, offer a variety of possibilities for a perfect sailing holiday in the Gulf of Volos. The distances between the islands and moorings are short and easily covered. The islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos each have a main harbour and one or two smaller jetties. There are plenty of well-protected moorings, where you can usually anchor with a shoreline. On the larger islands there is often basic infrastructure with a coffee bar and tavern on the beaches and in the bays. Due to the sailing trips from Volos, there is individual tourism on the uninhabited small islands only during summer.

Popular sailing destinations from Volos are in the west the towns facing each other, Amaliapolis and the small town of Milina, about 20 nautical miles south-east of Volos. Here sailors will find several idyllic bays between the two small offshore islands. The picturesque island of Paleo Trikeri, the coastal town of AG Kyriaki and the small harbour town of Achilleion at the exit of the Gulf of Volos are also highly recommended. Particularly popular in the Sporades are the wonderful fine-sand beaches of Skiathos and the imposing rock formations of Skopelos.

Sailing yacht charter from Pitter Yachting: Marina Volos

The port of Volos is home to commercial shipping, the marina and the fishing port. Volos Marina has 133 moorings for yachts up to 60 metres in water depths of 1.2 to 2.5 metres. As there are no reefs or shallows in the approach area, the marina can be approached without any problems both day and night. The grey-brown church tower with arched windows serves as a navigation aid during the day. The marina entrance is lit on both sides at night. Sailors must keep to the maximum speed of three knots in the harbour.

Volos Marina infrastructure

Volos Marina has all the usual facilities of a modern marina. These include:

  • Sanitary facilities (showers and toilets).
  • Restaurants
  • Workshop
  • WIFI
  • Crane 15t
  • Supermarket

Petrol station for boats and yachts in Volos

A petrol station for sailing yachts is located at the port of Volos.

Shopping in Volos

Volos offers a variety of shopping facilities. There are several supermarkets and discount stores, e.g., Spar and Lidl. Around the harbour basin there are many small grocery shops to shop for your yacht charter.

Getting to Volos in Greece

Volos Airport (Nea Anchialos) is only 50 kilometres away from Volos Marina and can be reached in about 40 minutes. The next airport is Thessaloniki, which takes about 2.5 hours to reach. If you would like a shuttle to take you directly to the marina, please let us know one week before the charter.

Paid parking is available in the harbour of Volos. They are under 24-hour surveillance. The cost is €18.00 for the first day and €12.00 for each additional day.

Information for the sailing trip from Volos

We would like to point out that due to the legal situation in Greece, it is not possible to have charter contracts confirmed in advance at the port office. Greek law requires the original signature of the client on the contracts and the crew list on site. Only then can we present your ship's papers to the port captain. Therefore, please understand that there may be delays due to possible waiting times at the port police.

Attention: The Croatian coastal patent is only valid in Greece with the endorsement "International Sea".


Pitter deposit compensation for sailing trip from Volos

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